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Neringa Rekasiute: All Photo Shoots Are Challenging

Bloginity recently met young photographer Neringa Rekasiute, who explores art out of her studio in the cosmopolitan metropolis of London. She gives us some insight about her likes and preferences, including why she prefers film over to digital, who her favorite subjects to photograph are, as well as touching on the roots of her motivation. Neringa is a true generator of ideas. Find out more about her below.

Julija: When did you first become interested in photography?

    Neringa:  I remember I was 13 and I took my parent’s camera out and about with me. I was taking pictures of my friends mainly – but I was already directing them, inventing scenarios in my seaside town of Lithuania.The camera broke after 3 months and the next time I got a camera into my hands was when I was 20. This time I never let it go again.

Julija: Do you remember who or what was in the first photograph that you took?

    Neringa: Definitely. I even remember photographs I took when I was 13 – the colors, the outfits and the dynamics of the pictures. My friends wearing blue cowboy hats running in the sand dunes. And I remember the first photo shoot I did when I re-started photography – I asked my best friend Monika to put on a long black dress and dangerously walk on window sills outside of the flat. I caught the vibrations of the night and her silhouette. Her curly hair in the shimmering light. Oh, photography is so adventurous!

Julija: What do you like most about being a photographer?

    Neringa: I adore the synergy you can achieve with the person you are shooting, the unison you can feel with the team, the harmonious moments when great art meets great adventure. I am directing my pictures so for me the most amazing thing is when the process just flows.The concept just fits into the moment and gets into new forms, new angles. I love working with people, searching for something that has never been done before, inscribing visual symbols into my images. Basically, I just love photography as an art form.

Julija: What cameras do you use?

    Neringa: I do use my 35 mm camera. I use medium format and digital as well. I prefer film to digital, because digital makes me go mental and shoot 200 images instead of concentrating and getting really good 20 images. It’s all about quality for me… The quality of light, the quality of time – you need to take time with film.

Julija: What are your favorite subjects to shoot?

    Neringa: Women – they are my ultimate subject. I just love the contradictory nature of women – she is a heroine to me. Strong, full of mysticism – an animal creature with the inner essence of God. I don’t think any man could ever fully understand this so I reckon this is my strength and I am concentrating fully on woman and the many different faces she has.

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